About our Client Portal

WRCA Portal is a convenient, web-based application for reliable and secure file exchange and storage of confidential documents. Files can be effortlessly uploaded, downloaded and stored in a completely secure environment, with instant access from virtually anywhere. With WRCA Portal, our clients gain bi-directional file exchange capabilities that make it easy to securely deliver and receive confidential and any other documents, as well as supporting the upload of even the largest files.

With the growing international trend toward increased security for electronic document transfer, the use of unencrypted email for confidential documents is becoming unacceptable. We are committed to ensure that sensitive information is securely transmitted and stored, as well as being environmentally supportive by printing less paper.

 How it works

Once you have indicated that you would like to utilize the portal, we will create your own private portal and you will receive a Portal Creation email and a welcome email with full and detailed instructions on the set-up and use of the portal.

We will then start uploading returns and documents to the portal, starting with the most current year’s returns. You will receive an email notification every time something is uploaded to your portal.

Benefits of using the Portal 

  • Access vital or any documents at any time from any location with Internet access in a secure and private way.
  • Organize documents electronically in cabinets and folders that mirror the way you store paper documents.
  • Easily upload documents of all sizes without relying on an FTP server.
  • Share files with third parties, ie your bankers, lenders, lawyer, etc.


 Taking advantage of instant access lets you view your documents with minimal effort. 

  • Tax Returns

With WRCA Portal, a single mouse click makes an entire tax return available for your review.

  • Financial Records

You often need the prior two years’ tax returns to secure bank loans or for legal purposes. We will publish your tax returns and source documents to Portal, and you can securely access them at any time.

  • Accounting

You can now upload QuickBooks® files or any other to the Portal, eliminating the need to exchange DVDs.